At Azzopardi Residential Property Services, we are NOT commission driven agents measured by monthly KPI’s. What we are driven by is getting the absolute best results for our clients for an honest sales fee! Do not be fooled into thinking that our pocket friendly capped fee means we will put in less work or not get top end prices, as that could NOT be further from the truth. Alyson’s name and reputation are at stake with every property we bring to the market. So it is not only in your best interests that we secure the best possible result for your home, it is fundamental to the continuity of our business.

  • Obligation free appraisal
  • Formal report and information relating to your home and suburb
  • Advice and support any time and EVERY time you need it!
  • Arrange Pest and Building Report
  • Prepare documentation for solicitor
  • Instruct preparation of contracts
  • Arrange Photographer
  • Be in attendance on photo shoot day to ensure best possible photos are taken for marketing
  • Arrange Graphic Design of floor plan
  • Arrange sign writer for photo display board
  • Installation of board
  • All professionally printed hand outs
  • Sponsored Facebook advertisement of your property
  • Liaison with your selected solicitor
  • Phone calls and enquiries
  • Private inspections upon request
  • Open homes
  • Negotiations
  • Pre-Exchange inspection
  • Liaison with buyer and buyer’s solicitor
  • Pre Settlement inspection
  • Collect and hold sales deposits in trust
  • All required actions to get property to exchange and then to settlement.


That is why choosing the right agent to manage one of your most valuable assets is the key to its success! Much like our sales business model, our Property Management, the fundamental day to day bread and butter that has made ARPS what it is today, is based on quality, as well as affordability! Yes, our fees are tax deductable, and this very line is what usually convinces you to sign up to 10% or more with another agent! However, we believe that quality shouldn’t have to cost more. Alyson herself is a very cost conscious consumer, which is why she is so driven to educate ACT’s property owners, that cheaper isn’t always “a get what you pay for scenario”. ARPS utilise the latest technology and software programmes to keep the portfolio up with the times and demands of todays society. We take absolute pride in our dealings with Landlords, Tenants and Suppliers alike. There is nothing we do not or will not do that a bigger price tag offers!.
  • Obligation free appraisal
  • Formal report and information relating to your home and suburb
  • Advice and support any time and EVERY time you need it!
  • In house photography using our Nikon D500 camera and editor
  • Prepare documentation for lease
  • Arrange cleaning and maintenance if required
  • Install a “FOR LEASE” sign
  • Drafting of all written advertising
  • All professionally printed hand outs
  • Social media campaign for your property
  • Phone calls and enquiries
  • Private inspections upon request
  • Open homes
  • Lease preparation and signature
  • Condition and Inventory Report with photos
  • Routine Inspections
  • Collect Rent/Trust funds
  • Direct Debit service
  • Bond transactions
  • Compliance management
  • File management
  • Tenant liaison
  • End of month payment
  • Comprehensive monthly statement
  • EOFY Reporting
  • Pro Active maintenance
  • Rent reviews
  • Experienced personnel
  • Online Landlord Portal
  • Online tenant portal
  • ADHOC Maintenance
  • Day to Day Property Management
  • Invoice payments

Property Management


Staging a property for sale or lease has fast become one of the Real Estate market MUST DOs in order to achieve maximum possible return. Statistics show that feedback, as well as final achieved selling/leasing prices can vary vastly between vacant and staged properties. In Alyson’s personal experience, this is a proven statistic and she encourages running open homes in occupied, furnished properties wherever possible. This gives potential buyers and tenants a feeling of warmth, comfort and gets the emotional aspect of a prospect flowing. If a property is vacant and there are no finer details to take the eye, human nature takes over and small usually un-noticeable defects take precedent. A chip in the paint or a hair line crack in the cornice instantly becomes more obvious. This provides the buyers with negotiation items which can lead to a reduced return. This is where staging comes in, and Azzopardi Residential Property Services can help! We offer full house staging and styling for vacant properties, or we can come in and style your home using your own items and our accessories pack! Prices for this service are strictly POA, as supplier costs are subject to change. Rest assured though, that like everything else under the ARPS banner, we strive for quality and affordability at every turn!
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